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Earth Day DIY Bird Feeder!

Earth Day, is tomorrow. So today we’re going to be showing you how to make a yummy treat that will have birds flocking to your backyard in no time. “Bird Feeder

Here’s what you’ll need
Toilet paper roll
yarn or ribbon
Bird Seeds
Peanut butter
STEP#1 First you’ll want prep your area by laying out your paper towels or newspaper on a flat surface. Make sure to remove any toilet paper that may be still stuck to the roll. Pour some bird seed into your bowl and set it to the side for now.
STEP#2 Now using the BACK of your spoon dip it into your peanut butter and completely cover the outside of toilet paper roll.
STEP #3  take your role and place it down into your bowl of bird seed. Rotate the roll around until the entire roll is covered in seeds. Once covered gently press the seeds down to stick them in place. Cut about 6 inches of yarn or ribbon and threaded through the toilet paper roll and tie off the ends at the top. Tapout any loose seeds and add more to spots that need it.
 Now it’s ready to take outside and hung.
Kiddos You want to hang it on a branch that’s not so close to the ground, to cars or your house. So please ask an adult to help you.

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