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Edible Garden cups

Hey Guys, Today we’re going to showing you how to make Edible Garden Cups.


Chocolate Pudding
Oreo Cookies
Sour Worms
Editable Grass

Step #1 Make the Dirt
Start by breaking up four cookies and a brownie into small bite-size pieces in a bowl.
Step #2
take a Full Spoonful of your dirt mixture and cover the bottom of your plastic cup
Step #3 Add the MUD!
Add a Spoonful of pudding on top
You can do like we did and use the pudding cups you buy at the store or make your own.
Step #4
Continue layer your dirt (cookies) and mud (pudding) until you get to the top of the cup.
Step #5
Add the edible grass
You can also make your own grass, by simply adding green food coloring to coconut flakes.
Step #6
Place two sour worm on top. Grab a spoon and dig in.
Repeat these steps to make as many Edible Garden cups as you like.

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