10 A+ Back to School Saving Tips

Experts say that parents spent around $630 per child getting them ready for back to school. That’s pretty expensive especially when you have more than one child. Today I would like to share with you all some back to school money-saving tips that will help you get your kids ready for back to school for a fraction of the cost.


#1. Check kids closet/house

Before you head out to buy anything and I mean anything school-related check your kids closet and around your house. Take inventory of the things that you already have. Gather up everything, Including clothes and school supplies that you already have. Most likely you will have some things left over from  last year that your kids can use for this upcoming school year.

#2. Make a list

After taking inventory of the things you all already have. Sit down make a list of the thing you need and stick to it this will help prevent you from making impulse purchases. Before making your list check your school’s list of supplies and dress code.

#3.Shop thrift stores & yard sales

Before buying new clothes for your kids check some local thrift stores like Goodwell and yard sales in your area. You can find some really nice gentle used items for a fraction of the price if you were to buy them new.

#4. Shop Clarence

All of that school supplies are going to go on sale once school starts. So, hold up on buying everything you need right away and just buy the minimal now and wait till after school starts. You’re bound to find some really great bargains. Some items are up to 90% off.

#5. Compare prices and price match

You don’t always have to run around from store to store to get the best deals. Retailers like Wal-Mart offer a price match. If you find a lower price on any item all you have to do is bring in a local competitor’s ads and Wal-Mart will match it.

#6. Stock up

Stock up on those super cheap items that you know you’re going to need throughout the year so you won’t get stuck paying full price in a few months.

#7. Download apps

Download money-saving apps like Ibotta, Ebates, and Checkout51 before you go shopping. All of these apps have partnered with over 300 retailers like Wal-Mart to offer you cash back on items.

8. Buy clothes later

Just like with your school supplies. You will find that Some of the best deals happen after the first day of school.

9. Tax-Free Holidays

Take advantage of your state’s tax-free week especially if you’re buying big-ticket items like laptops, calculator’s and tablets. You will save As much as 10% doing the Tax-Free weekend sale.

#10. Stock up on household items

This last tip is a win-win for your kid’s school and your household. Back to school shopping is also a great time to get your home organized and stock up on all of your household paper products. As you know Back to School also means cold/flu season and lots of after school messes to clean up. So you want to be well prepared. Right now at Wal-Mart, you can find great saving on Kleenex, Scott, and Viva products that also offers Double Box Tops for Education. Which means double cash for your kid’s school.