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10 Tips for your Potty Training Journey!

When it comes to potty training I’m no rookie but I’m also no expert. Each of my kiddos has their own personality and interests.
My two oldest girls were fairly easy to potty train. Now that my two-year son has started to show interest in going to the potty. He’s constantly taking off his diapers and announcing that he has pee pee or poo poo. He’s Daddy and Mommy little shadow in the bathroom. So it’s definitely time to ditch the diapers. Are you starting your potty training journey? Here are some tips to help your child and you be a successful in this life changing journey.
Tip #1 Start at the right time
You should only start potty training if your child has started to show signs of readiness. Don’t force your child to start using the potty if they are not ready to start. Here are few signs that your child may be ready
* If your child is staying dry for a few hours at a time.
* If your child doesn’t like being wet and asks to be changed.
*If your child asks to the use the potty.
* If your can dress and undress themselves
* if your child always wants to follow you in the bathroom.
They maybe just ready to start.
Trip #2 Try Pull-Ups
 I wanted to make the start of this new journey with my son as easy and stress-free as possible. That’s why for the third time around have decided to use Pull-Ups® Training Pants to transition my son into potty training.
Tips -for -your- Potty- Training -Joureny!
• Pull-Ups® Training Pants are designed specifically to help teach potty training skills. They look and fit more like underwear, giving your child the independence to slide his pants on and off, while also providing consistency for any learning style throughout his potty training journey.
• The stretchy sides allow toddlers to slide Pull-Ups® Training Pants on and off themselves, teaching valuable skills they can apply later when taking off their pants and underwear to use the potty.
• You may be tempted to use diapers while potty training because they’re more familiar to you, but resist the urge. Toddlers thrive on consistency and diapers don’t teach potty training skills like Pull-Ups® Training Pants do.

Tip #3 Kick-off potty training with some excitement
One way you can make things exciting is to do with I did with my son. I took him on
 a special trip to Dollar General and let him pick out his very first pack of Big Boy Pull-Ups Training Pants. He was so excited to start wearing them.

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Tip #4 Learn Their Potty Personality
There’s a new way to potty train. Find out your child’s potty training personality: the Puppy, the Owl, the Bear Cub, the Turtle or the Squirrel!
I took the Pull-Ups Potty Training Quiz and found out that my son’s
personality was an “Owl” which describes him perfectly. You can take the Pull-Ups Potty Training Personality Quiz here to see what personality your child has here.


Tip #5 Be consistent
Once the diapers are gone there’s no going back. Switching back and forth from diapers to training parents can confuse your child. Ditching the diaper and sticking with training pants will keep your Big Kid motivated. SETBACKS ARE TO BE EXPECTED!
Tip #6
Use the Time to Potty app
My son loves this app, it helps reminds us both when its time to go potty. Every time the timer goes off he gets excited to use the potty. This has be My biggest help to be consistent. I highly recommended you use this free tool.
Tip # 7 Make it fun
What kid doesn’t like to play games? The best way to help make potty training Fun for your child and yourself is to play games. Pull-Ups has a number of fun games such as ” Pull-Ups Scavenger Hunt or the “Potty Seek & Find” on their website.
Tip #8 Reward them
A sticker chart is great reward system to put in place. My son LOVES adding new stickers to his chart when he has a successful potty trip. I simply taped to the bathroom wall, right above his potty and just like with his oldest sisters it has been extremely effective.
Tips -for -your- Potty- Training -Joureny!22
Tip #9 Praise them
Celebrate their successes with dancing, cheering,clapping,jumping, or hopping. Do whatever it takes to make your Big Kid smile and feel great about using the potty.
Tip #10Teach your child proper hygiene habits
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