12 Back to School Tips and Hacks

Are we seriously already talking about back to school?This summer is flying by so quickly. Before we know it, the kids will be heading back to school and those days of just sitting back, relaxing all day long will be far behind us. R.I.P Summer, ?you will be missed.

So before your schedule gets jam-packed with school activities, after school activities and everything else that goes along with the kids heading Back to School. I wanted to share some back to school tips and hacksΒ  that will help save time and keep things running smoothly this school year.



#1 Establish/Re-establish a Sleep routine

To help your kids and yourself make a smooth transition back into their school routine. A week or two before the start of the new school year. You should establish or re-establish a new sleep routine with the kids. Going from being able to sleep in late all summer long to having to get up at 6:30 A.M can be a challenge for anyone especially young children.















#2 Establish Back To School Morning Routine

The best advice that I can give you to establishing a good school morning routine is to prepare as much as you can the night before. Here are some great morning hacks that will save you so much valuable time.

#3 Lay out Clothes– This is such a lifesaver it will also cut out the morning Rush of everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out what to wear and where their other shoe is at. You can save yourself, even more, time by planning out the kid’s school clothes for the entire week.

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#4 Set the table at night for breakfast the next morning.

#5 Pack the next day’s lunch the night before.

#6 Make Breakfast ahead – Check out these 10 make Ahead Breakfast Ideas

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#8 Shower/ Bathe the kids the night before.

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#9 Make sure homework is checked and done at night.

#10 Pack Backpack the night before.

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#11 Get the Kids annual physical, sport physical and eye exams done early. Beat the rush, as you probably are already aware of that must parents wait till the week before school starts and every pediatrician’s office will be jam pack.











#12. Homework Station– Kids who have quit and organize workspace at home for homework are less distracted and develop good study habits.