18 ways to Save Money on Groceries

Today I’m going to be sharing 18 ways to Save Money on Groceries without having to spend hours clipping and searching for coupons.

18 ways to Save Money on Groceries

Tip #1 Meal Plan

This is a very common tip but it’s so important if you want to save money on groceries. Having a plan is going to save you so much money every month.  If you go grocery shopping without a plan you’re going to more than likely overspend and buy a lot of random things that you do not need.

Tip #2 Make a list

Make a grocery list and shop from it. Having a list will help you stay focus and only buy the things you need.

Tip #3 Shop what you have

Shop your refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets to see what you already have so that you won’t waste money repurchasing items.

Tip #4 Use with you have

Clean out your fridge and cabinets once a month. Use up what you have before buying more.

Tip #5 Price Matching

You don’t have to drive all around town from store to store to get the best prices. Stores like Walmart and Target will price match any competitors ad. You can use the FREE App like Retale and Never miss a deal at your favorite stores again! Retale will actually locate weekly sales ads in your area which will allow you to see what ideas are on sale at different stores. You can also Redeem coupons directly from your phone.

Tip #6 Shop whats on sales

Take the time to look through your grocery store sales paper front to back on a weekly basis. Try to meal plan around whats on sale at rock-bottom prices.When it comes to produces you always want to be looking and shipping for whats on sale. You’re going to save so much money doing this. In every department in the grocery store, they have what they call loss leaders. They’re selling that particular product at loss to get you in the store. This also goes along with the price matching.

Tip #7 Use Cash/set a budget

Having a set budget and going to the grocery store with only that budget amount in cash will eliminate overspending. You can’t spend with you don’t have. You also want to keep track of what you’re spending while your shopping you can use your phone calculator or write it down.

Tip #8 Don’t Shop Hungry

Never go shopping for food on an empty stomach because you will buy everything that you see and blow your budget. So before going shopping have a meal or a nice snack.

Tip #9 Eat-in Season

Shop items that are in season. You’re going to pay a lot more for out of season products. For example, doing the warmer months you can get berries at rock bottom prices vs doing the colder months where you’re paying double or triple the amount for imported out season fruits and veggies. Buy in season, stock up, and freeze.


Tip #10 Cook from scratch

Buy some basic ingredients and do as much cooking and prepping as you can from scratch. Takes a little extra time but will SAVE you Money.

Tip #11 Digital Coupons

The internet has made it so easy to save money using coupons without clipping.  GeoQpons is FREE shopping app that can be used to Save Money on Groceries. It combines in-store and online coupons, clearance sales, shopping list and loyalty cards for shopping at stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Walmart, and many more retailers.

Tip #12 Use Apps

You can still save money without clipping coupons. Free Apps like Ibotta will actually pay you cash back on groceries. Ibotta is a free rewards app that you can use on your Android or iPhone that helps you save money and get cash back on things like groceries, clothes and dining out. You can Shop and Save at Thousands of Stores that include stories like Walmart, Best Buy, Whole Foods and Macy’s. Once you Hit $20 you can easily cash out via PayPal, Venmo or gift card. Righ Now you can get a $10 bonus when you use Referral Code: sW7tw

Tip #13 Look and Down

When shopping for a particular item look up and down the shelf to Save Money on Groceries.  A majority of the time items that cost the most are going to be at eye level.  Stores and Companies are pretty smart they place the more pricey item at eye level because they know more people will see that idem first. The cheaper product can be found on the top and bottom shelf.

Tip #14 Save on Meats and Cheeses

Skip the deli counter and look in daily section to save money on these items. You’re going to save around 50% shopping the daily section and you’re still going to be able to all the meats and cheeses that you love at the same quality.

Tip #15 Check Expiration Dates

When shipping you’ll want to pick items what the furthest expiration date so that it will last a little bit longer giving you more time to use it.

Tip #16 Check for clearance Items

Always look for a special sticker on the front of the package.

Tip #17 Buy Store Brands

A lot of the name brand products that you buy regularly are the exact same product as the generic store brands. Can save money and get the same product for less by buying the store brand.

Tip #18 Cut Waste

There are ways to make the food that you purchased last longer. Use stale bread to make breadcrumbs or croutons. Put a linen or napkin in with your lettuce this is going to help absorb some of the moisture and make it last a few days to a week longer. Rinse your berries and fruit with water and vinegar this will cut down the berries molding really quickly. Before you throw out these really ripe bananas put them in a smoothie or you can freeze them for smoothies later.

Do you have any Tips and tricks on how to Save Money on Groceries please share them with us.