25 Barbie Party Ideas and Freebies

Is your little one obsessed with all things glamorous and fabulous? If so, you’re in luck! My youngest daughter is about to turn seven, and she’s absolutely smitten with the glitz and glam of Barbie. When I asked her about her party theme this year, there was no hesitation—Barbie it is! With her birthday just around the corner, I’ve delved into the world of Barbie party ideas to make her day extra special.

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Planning ahead is key, especially when it comes to creating a fabulous Barbie-themed bash. While we’re not aiming for a massive celebration, I’m determined to make her Big Day sparkle. So, if you’re like me and need some inspiration for a Barbie-themed extravaganza, look no further! We’ve  put together a collection of our favorite Barbie birthday party ideas and Free Party Printables to help you celebrate your little fashionista-in-training in style. From Free invites, Party favors, games, and decorations & more 

Barbie Invitations

Set the tone for your party with vibrant Barbie-themed invitations. Incorporate images of Barbie or use her iconic color scheme to capture the excitement.

1. thetomkatstudio.com will help you throw the ultimate Barbie Party on budget with their Free printable party designs.

Includes customizable invitation designs, cupcake toppers, favor tags, and more!

2. Over at Punchbowl.com, you can send out Free email invites to your party guests.

They have this cute FREE customized Invitation Ponytail Silhouette that is perfect for a Barbie theme Birthday party.

3. Vintage Barbie parties have become very popular, and over at Printabelle

you can get a large collection of Vintage Barbie Party Printables for FREE. The set includes invitations, Thank You Cards, Gift Bag Tags, Water Bottle Labels, Gifts Bag Tags and so much more.

Party Decorations

Party Decorations​


4. DIY Barbie Photo Booth

Craft a DIY photo booth with Barbie-themed props for guests to strike a pose and capture memories. See how to Create a Barbie Photo Booth at SmartypanysMama

5. Add some sparkle with these Easy DIY Glitter Party Cups

by nestofposies-blog.com

6. Barbie-Themed Ice Cream Party

via Kara’s Party Ideas

7. Create these Glitter party utensils using glitter and Mod Podge.

Check out this easy Glitter Party Utensil DIY at sweetlychicevents.com

8. Barbie Dress-up Station

Create a dress-up corner with glittery dresses, tiaras, and accessories, allowing guests to channel their inner Barbie.

9. You can create this simple Makeup/touch-up Station

By draping Pink and Black cloth over a table and chair.

Party Activities & Games

10. Barbie Fashion Show

Host a fashion show where kids can showcase their glamorous outfits, giving them a chance to strut their stuff on a mini runway.

11. Barbie Coloring Station

Keep the little ones entertained with a coloring station featuring Barbie coloring pages and crayons.

12. DIY Barbie Crafts

Plan craft activities like creating Barbie-themed jewelry or designing crowns and wands.

13. Barbie-themed Cupcake Decorating

Let the kids unleash their creativity by decorating cupcakes with Barbie-inspired toppings.

14. Barbie-themed Games

Incorporate games like Pin the Bow on Barbie, a Barbie scavenger hunt, or a Barbie-themed bingo.

15. Microphone Craft Party Activity

16. Pin the Bow on Vintage Barbie

17. Barbie Storytime

Read Barbie storybooks or create a storytelling session centered around Barbie adventures.

18. Nail Polish Station

For a touch of glamour, set up a nail polish station where kids can get their nails painted in fun Barbie colors.

19. Musical Chairs with a Twist

Play musical chairs using Barbie music and have the kids walk the runway when the music stops.

Party Food and Snacks

20. Barbie Doll Cake

 Transform a cake into a life-sized Barbie dress or opt for a tiered cake adorned with Barbie figurines.

Image result for BARBIE cake

21. Barbie theme fruit tray

Image result for BARBIE Party food

22. Genie-fy a cake pop recipe

How do you genie-fy a cake pop recipe? Cover it in hot pink, purple, and silver edible glitter! These shimmering, shining desserts would fit perfectly into your preschooler's sparkly Shimmer and Shine birthday party spread.:

More Barbie Party Printable FREEBIES! 

To make your planning easier, I’ve compiled a selection of Barbie-themed printables and treats that you can use for your child’s celebration. Get ready to add some sparkle to your party with these freebies:

23. Barbie Party Printables: Access Barbie-themed cupcake toppers, food labels, and more over on Mypaperlily

My Paper lily: Barbie free:






24. Barbie Treat Bags: Download and print adorable treat bag designs to delight your young guests. Find them at Hangingwiththekiddos.com

Free Barbie Party Printable Treat Bag| Chip Bag

25. Barbie Water Bottle Labels: Add a touch of Barbie flair to refreshments with custom water bottle labels, available for free at Hangingwiththekiddos.com

Free Barbie Party Printable Water Bottle Labels

With these freebies and party ideas in hand, your Barbie-themed celebration will be a dazzling success. Remember, it's not just a party; it's an experience that your little one will cherish forever. Happy planning, and may your celebration be as glamorous as can be!