Spring will be here before we now it. It’s time to get your  Spring cleaning Routine down. Now’s the perfect time to take ADVANTAGE of that newfound energy, clean air, and sunshine that springs brings and tackle all the cleaning tasks we’ve been putting off and get our home’s clean and organized.

That doesn’t mean you’ve to spend one extremely, exhausting day or weekend cleaning. I found that if I break my cleaning routine down into small tasks I’m less stress and much more productive. Therefore, this year I’m tackling my Spring cleaning the same way. Breaking everything down into small tasks one room and one day at a time over the course of 5 days. Here’s how my Spring cleaning routine.

Spring cleaning Routine Throughout the entire House

  • Declutter, clean, organize and Donate
  • Wipe down walls, doors, knobs, and ceilings
  • Reseal Grout (if needed)
  • Wash windows
  • Deep Clean floors, carpets, curtains and  window blinds
  • clean light fixtures and light globes
  • Dust All Shelves and home 
  • Deep clean upholstered furniture
  • Ensure Fire safety- check smoke detectors batteries 2x year, fire extinguisher ( make sure everyone knows how to use it) and go over our Family’s emergency plans.

DAY 1 Kitchen & Dining Room

  • Declutter, clean and organize ALL cabinets, drawers, and countertops
  • Declutter, clean and organize the pantry
  • wipe down walls, cabinets, cupboards, and baseboards
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Deep Clean fridge and Freezer – including fridge coils
  • Degrease microwave, oven and all other appliances
  • Clean behind the refrigerator and oven
  • Deep Clean floors, carpets, curtains and  window blinds

DAY 2 Living Room

  • Declutter, clean and organize tables and cabinets
  • wipe down Tv
  • Dust/ Vacuum
  • Clean the fireplace

Day 3  Spring cleaning Routine


    • Declutter, clean and organize cabinets and linen closet
    • wash throw rugs
    • clean backsplash and countertops
    • the toilet
    • the sink and faucet
    • shower heads
    • Clean or replace the shower  curtain
    • Deep Clean floors, carpets, curtains and  window blinds

Day 4 Bedrooms

  • Declutter, clean and organize drawers and closet
  • wash all bed linen and pillows
  • Rotate Seasonal bed linens
  •  Clean, flip and rotate your mattress
  • clean under your bed and furniture
  • wipe down walls & doors
  • clean ceiling and blinds Use a vacuum to remove dust
  • Deep Clean floors, carpets, curtains and  window blinds

Day 5  Spring cleaning Routine

Laundry Room

  • Declutter, clean and organize drawers and closet
  • clean behind washer & dryer
  • remove lint trap and clean it.

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That’s it, just an hour or so every day and I’m done. I found that breaking it down into smaller projects works best for me. It gives me more flexibility to get everything done and being a busy mom I certainly need that flexibility. I don’t have to get all of it down in five consistent days I can break the days up into weeks if I need to. I really hope my 5 Day Spring Cleaning Routine helps you plan and crush your spring cleaning this year.

My 5 Day Spring cleaning Routine

What’s your  Spring cleaning Routine?