6 Tips to Buying the Perfect Family Car

Tips to Buying the Perfect Family Car- “Sponsored post.”

Things definitely change when you start a family. Especially when it comes to big ticket items like a car. Finding the perfect family car is no easy task. There’s so much to consider, family safety, budget, your wants and needs before selecting the perfect family car. Today I going to share with you 6 quick shopping Tips to Buying the Perfect Family Car.

#1 Research Research Research

Before Heading Out to the Dealership. Do your research, do a ton of research.  You should have a clear idea of the type of car you want (and need) in a family vehicle like grocery shopping, carpooling and family road trips. Before heading the dealership, you definitely want to do your own research especially if you’re looking into buying a used cars. You can easily start your search online from the comfort of your home by going to cars.com. You can read through over 5 million expert and consumer reviews to help you narrow down your vehicle choices.


When purchasing a family vehicle Safety should be your top concern. As part of your online research you should check the Safety Ratings of each car you’re considering. You can research safety ratings before heading to the dealership by checking with reputable websites, like Cars.com. In a family car you should look for safety features such as:

  • Child safety locks & windows.
  • Anti-lock brakes.
  • Head injury protection.
  • Electronic stability control.
  • Side-view assistance.
  • Traction control and all-wheel drive.
  • Airbags with deactivation control.

#3 Budget & Cost

After doing your reseach and norrowing down a few models that meet your safety requirments. You need to establish a family budget and the vehicle cost before heading to the dealership. Knowing the price of the car and your family budget beforehand, will give you a better chance at negotiating a better deal, or even lower, price.


#4 Test Drive with Kids

If possible, you’ll want to do a test drive with the whole family on board. Bringing the whole crew along will give you the opportunity to see which vehicle fits your family the best. So pick up the kids and their car seats to test everything out.


#5 Consider Cargo Space

You want to make sure there’s enough cargo room for the whole family. Will everybody and everything fit?
Do a fit test. is there’s enough cargo room for all the kids car seats, the baby’s stroller and a full load of groceries?

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#6 Other Passengers

Its also a good ideal to think about  extra room for other passenger you may have from time to time carpooling, friends ride alongs and other family members. You’ll want to buy a vehicle that can grow with your family needs.


I really hope these tips help make buying your next family car a whole lot easier. You can find more tips, expert and consumer reviews at Cars.com