Cocomelon Free Party Printable Rice Krispie Treats Wrappers

Transform your Cocomelon theme party with these vibrant and free Cocomelon Party Printable Rice Krispies Treat labels. In this guide, we’ll take you through the simple steps to create eye-catching wrappers that will undoubtedly steal the spotlight at your event.

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These fun and colorful Free Cocomelon Party Printable Rice Krispies Treat labels will become the highlight of your  Cocomelon theme party.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Glossy photo or your choice of copy paper
  2. Double-sided tape or hot glue
  3. Paper crimper(optional, if you want to add a crimp effect to the ends)
  4. Pre-packaged Rice Krispie Treats (0.78oz treat)

Watch the Assembly Video:

Check out our video tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to assemble these delightful wrappers.

How to Assemble Rice Krispies Treats Wrappers

1. PRINT: Begin by downloading the free Rice Krispies Treat wrappers in PDF format. For optimal results, print them on white glossy photo paper.

2. CUT AND TRIM WRAPPERS: Cut and trim the wrappers to size using scissors or a paper trimmer.

3. FOLD: Create a slight crease by folding the two sides back. Place your Rice Krispies Treat in the middle, with the image face down. Fold both ends over the treat, ensuring one side overlaps the other. Use your preferred adhesive (double-sided tape or hot glue) to secure the sides together.

4. APPLY ADHESIVE: Seal the ends by applying adhesive on both sides, ensuring a secure and polished finish.

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Elevate your Cocomelon-themed celebration with these charming Rice Krispies Treat wrappers. Whether it’s a birthday bash or a family gathering, these free printables add a delightful touch to your party favors. Download, create, and enjoy the smiles they bring to your guests’ faces. For more party inspiration and freebies, stay tuned to our blog!

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