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DIY Stress Balls-Using a Diaper ?


Today we’re going to be showing you how to make these super easy stress balls using only 2 ingredients.

All you going to need for this Diy is a diaper and a balloon.

#1 First, you’re going to create your filling for your balls. by using a wet diaper. No!  We don’t recommend using an actually dirty wet diaper. Besides who wants a smelly stress ball that will more than likely bring on more stress right. Simply unfolded a clean diaper and slowly pour in water until the entire diaper is wet and starts to raise.

#2 Now it’s time to cut open your diaper. Pull back the flap and you’ll see thousands of gel Crystal’s. Next, you’ll want to attach your balloon to a funnel. You can make an easy funnel by cutting off the top of a water bottle or pick one for the DollarTree like we did for $1.

#3 Ok, let’s have some fun and scope out the gel using a spoon or ice-cream scooper from the diaper and pour it into the funnel, using the opposite end of the spoon to push the gel into your balloon.  Once your balloon is filled to your desired fullness remove it from the water bottle and tie it off.

That’s it! You have super Squeezable stress ball.

We really loved making these stress balls. They were easy and fun to make. The diaper filling is surprisingly very satisfying to squeeze for both the kids and I. Ok, mostly me, hanging out with these kiddos can get stressful at times and these balls definitely help relieve some of the stress.

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