Enjoying every Moment

As parents, I’m sure we all can agree that our kids grow up so fast.

It seems like yesterday you held them in your arms now they’re crawling, now they’re walking, now they’re talking, and now they’re learning all by themselves. Now you’re realizing they’re not babies anymore. Tomorrow they will be just one more day older, just one more day closer to leaving the nest. Take the time to enjoy every second, every minute, and every hour you have with them. Because those are the moments in time that flash before your eyes. Moments we can never get back, so enjoy them while they last.

It’s totally a blessing to watch your children grow. To see our little boy’s become men and our baby girls become wives and mothers.
As much as I would LOVE for my babies to stay babies. Can’t wait to see the people they will become. But for now, I will enjoy the moment’s of their childhood I have with them now.

It’s been nice hanging out and talking about our sweet babies.

Take care, God Bless and Share