Every mom wants their children to grow up to be a responsible, contributing members of society. But, before they leave the nest and spread their wings, we have to teach them how to fly. As parents, it is our responsibility to prepare our children for the real world. We want them to become self-sufficient and responsible adults.Teaching kids at an early age household responsibility will help them become productive members of society. It is also an essential part of their development and will help with building self-esteem.

A few weeks ago I decided to start back implementing a chore chart with my kids. Lately, my children have seemed to develop a bad habit of not getting their chores done in a timely fashion or without having to be told multiple times to do their tasks. Their biggest excuses are. Oh, I forgot, or I thought I already did that today. So I made up this Printable Free Kids Chore Chart that you can download for free.


Using a Chore chart not only provides motivation, but it also helps us teach financial responsibility. One of the most valuable life lessons we can teach children. Rather than giving our children a set allowance, we offer our kids the opportunity to earn money for finishing tasks. We do not pay them for things like placing away their shoes, placing their dishes in the sink, and picking up their clothes off the bathroom floor. Those things are just expected and required of them just for being apart of the family.



On payday which usually Sundays we sit down as a family and add up the money, they’ve earned within the week and also budget. This can also be an excellent time for the kids to practice counting diamonds, dollars, addition, and subtraction. They divided their money into three categories: Pay, Save, and Gave.

The Benefits of Giving Kids Chores

  • The entire family can benefit from kids helping out around the house.
  • Teaches them life skills
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Gives them A sense of pride
  • Independent
  • Work ethic

It’s essential for your kids to learn the age-appropriate chores. Kids can start tackling basic cleaning jobs from a young age, graduating to more adult tasks as they get taller and older

Here’s list of some Age appropriate chore ideas: That can be found over on

Age-Appropriate-Chores-for-Children (Image from The Flanders Family Website)


 Get your copy of this colorful  Printable Free Kids Chore Chart below. This blank weekly chore chart allows you or your kid to come up with a list of chores together. Each chart contains a space, which you can fill in with your child’s weekly chores.

DOWNLOAD PDF FREE Printable Kids Chore Chart

You can start using this FREE Kids chore Chart immediately. Fill in the Age Appropriate Chores for your child on the provided blank lines. Each day, have your child check off when the chore is completed. You can laminate your chart and re-use every week.

I do understand when it comes to whether or not kids should or shouldn’t have chores or be paid for any of their chores there is always a debate. Each family is different and want works for one household might not benefit another.