Free Party Printable Zebra Cakes:TXT YEONJUN

Free Party Printable Zebra Cakes:TXT YEONJUN

Are you ready to turn your next party into a K-pop extravaganza? If you have a teenager who’s as head-over-heels for K-pop as my youngest teenage daughter, you’re in for a treat! My daughter is a die-hard fan of T X T, and her ultimate bias from the group is Yeonjun. With Yeonjun’s birthday just around the corner on September 13th and zebra cakes being one of her all-time favorite snacks, I thought, “What better time to create custom wrappers for these treats?” In this blog post, I’ll show you how to download and use our free party printables inspired by Yeonjun and TXT.

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Why T X T and Zebra Cakes? Before we dive into the details of the free party printables, let’s take a moment to understand why T X T and zebra cakes make the perfect combo for an unforgettable celebration.

  1. T X T’s Stellar Stardom: T X T, also known as Tomorrow X Together, is one of the hottest K-pop groups around, known for their catchy tunes and mesmerizing performances. They’ve captured hearts worldwide with their unique style and incredible talent.
  2. Yeonjun’s Special Day: Yeonjun, a member of T X T, is not just a part of the group; he’s also my daughter’s biggest crush! His birthday is rapidly approaching, and I couldn’t think of a better way to make her day extra special than by incorporating her love for Yeonjun and T X T into the celebration.
  3. Zebra Cakes Magic: Zebra cakes are a classic and beloved snack enjoyed by many. Their distinctive striped design adds a whimsical touch to any party, making them the ideal treat to accompany our K-pop-inspired celebration.

Free Party Printables: Now, let’s get down to the fun part – the free party printables! We’ve created stunning zebra cake wrappers that draw inspiration from T X T and Yeonjun. This printable is not only easy to download but also a breeze to use for your upcoming party. Here’s how you can snag these beauties:

To access our zebra cake wrappers inspired by T X T and Yeonjun, simply click on the provided link at the end of this post. The file comes in PDF format, so make sure you have a PDF reader installed on your device.

 Supplies Needed:

Before you start, gather the following supplies

Free Party Printable Zebra Cakes: TXT YEONJUN

Cutting and Wrapping the Label:

  • Use a paper trimmer or scissors to carefully cut off the white borders around the label.

Folding and Preparing the Wrapper:

  •  Lay the label face down on a flat surface.
  • Fold over the left and right flaps of the label. This creates a light crease and forms the back of the wrapper.

Positioning the Cakes:

  • Place the pre-wrapped cakes in the middle of the wrapper, ensuring they are centered.

Securing the Wrapper: 

  • Apply double-sided tape or hot glue to the gray side of the wrapper where it reads “GLUE HERE.”
  • Carefully overlap the glued side with the other side of the wrapper, ensuring it aligns properly.

Sealing the Wrapper: 

  • Use your adhesive (double-sided tape or hot glue) to seal the two sides of the wrapper close.

Now, without further ado, it’s time to download your free T X T and Yeonjun-inspired zebra cake wrappers and start preparing for a K-pop celebration like no other. Let the countdown to Yeonjun’s birthday and your epic party begin!

Share Your Creations: 

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of music, snacks, and celebration. Your support means the world to us, and we can’t wait to see your K-pop extravaganza come to life! Share your creative masterpieces with us on social media and tag us using the #hangingwiththekiddos in your posts. We’re eager to witness the unique twists and personal touches you add to your T X T-inspired party. Let’s spread the K-pop love together and inspire fellow fans to create unforgettable moments!

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And Get Ready to Party in true K-pop style.

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