How to Fill the emptiness in your life

After taking an honest look at your life. Do you feel whole and complete, or is there’s something missing? If so how are you filling that empty void  Is it with money, relationships, family, and friends?  Let’s learn  How to Fill the emptiness with God.

Jesus met a lady with a deeply rooted void in her spirit. She was aching for a solid relationship yet had been over and over again rejected. In her days, a man could divorce his wife simply because she disappointed him somehow. The Samaritan woman had experienced this rejection five times and she doesn’t know How to Fill the emptiness in her spirit so tries doing it on her own with a man who wasn’t her husband.

She probably felt completely bound by embarrassment, rejection, and shame and tried to cover her pain from those around her but when Jesus a complete stranger met her at the well he tells her the embarrassing truth about her history with men. She realized her days of hiding were over. She had found the only one who could break all the heavy chains and bring complete wholeness to her life.

We all at some part of our lives have or will face this reality that only God can permanently fulfill all of the empty spaces in our heart, mind, body, and soul. We can only hide from the truth for so long. Even when everything seems to be going well LIFE will eventually happen and disappointments and heartache will come.

When life comes around and knocks you down, when desperation kicks in, when the pain is too much, and enough is enough WHO, WHAT AND WHERE will you turn to, to ease the pain and fill the void?

If you’re looking for anyone or anything to fill a void in your life it will never be enough. Only God can fill that empty place in our souls. We just have let him into our hearts, He fills us up with His unfailing love.

What advice would you give someone on How to Fill the emptiness?