Oh, So Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

St. Patrick’s Day Treats

St, Patrick Day is right around the corner so today we wanted to share with you all how to make this oh so lucky St.Patrick’s Day treats. They are super easy to make and I’m sure they will be golden at your next St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Here’s what you need
4 tsp of butter

3 cups of mini marshmallows
4 cups of Lucky Charms cereal

1st you are going to melt 4tsp of butter on medium heat in a pan or in the microwave.

2nd  you’re going to add 3 cups of mini marshmallows to your melted butter.
Stir together until the marshmallows are comely melted.

3rd  Add 4 cups of Lucky Charms cereal to your pan of melted marshmallows and butter.

4th Add the mixture to a baking dish, mix it all together and smooth it out with your hands or a wooden spoon.

5th Let it cool for about 5-10 minutes before you cut it into small squares.

Last but not least service up these magically delicious St. Patrick’s Day treats.

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