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Review of Challenger Sports – British Soccer Camps

This past week my oldest daughter Kayla completed her first week of soccer camp. Thanks to Challenger Sports British Soccer Camps and US Family Guide. Kayla is 8, she struggles with her confidence and is my least athletic child. So, I was concern about singing her for soccer camp. But I wanted her to step out of her comfort zone, try something new, and do it on her own.

DAY 1 wasn’t easy for my little Kay Kay; She felt a little out of place ESPECIALLY  since this was her first organized soccer experience, the other kids who seem to have a little more experience playing the game and were catching on a lot faster than she was. She felt so discouraged that I decided only to do half of Day the first day. I don’t want to pressure her into doing something she wasn’t ready for.  Coach Simon did a fantastic job handling the situation before leaving he took the time to have a 1on1 pep talk with her. He reassured her that she was doing fine and that she would get better with time, everyday practice and focus. Most of all he told her he wasn’t expecting her to be perfect and that he just wanted her to come out every day and just had


DAY 2 To my surprise she woke bright and early for camp. From that day on I saw a completely different kid out on the field. She wasn’t focused on how well the other kids were doing. She was just having fun, running, laughing, playing with the other kids. Whenever she needed help without any hesitation, the coaches were right there. Each day, the coaches take the players through a progressive series of skill-building practices from unopposed, to opposed, game related and finally into a game. The kids also get the opportunity to learn about the customs and cultures of different countries. In addition to teaching the kids new skills and improving game performance,  the coaches also showed the kids about honesty, respect, responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship, and leadership.



Doing the remainder of the week, I saw her confidence and skill level increased. I’m so grateful for this entire experience that Challenger Sports British Soccer Camps has given her. Without it, I doubt if she would have EVER expressed any interest in playing soccer or any other sport. Now, she wants to join a team and do the camp again next year.


More information about British Soccer Camp

British Soccer Camps are the most popular soccer camp in the US. With an innovative curriculum that develops skills, speed and confidence in players ages 3-18, The British Soccer Camp provides boys and girls with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international expert’s right in the heart of their community. In addition to teaching new skills and improving game performance, each British Soccer Camp provides lessons in character development, cultural education and is the most fun your child can have learning the sport they love!

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