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Summer Jobs for Kids 12 and under


Even though my kiddos are not quite old enough to have an official job yet. I believe that it’s crucial to teach them at a young age
work ethic, responsibilities, value of hard work, how to earn and save their money.
The Bible does tell us in Proverbs 22:6 (KJV) Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

A Summer Job can be the perfect opportunity for kids to learn valuable life lessons while earning their own money.

Here are some Summer Jobs ideas for kids 12 and under.

1. Lemonade Stand- This is a Classic one, but it’s one that works. It’s an easy business to set up; kids love doing it, and It teaches them how to work hard and make a profit. For the past three years, my kids have participated in our state’s National Lemonade Day. Lemonade Day is a great organization “Empowering Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs.” They teach kids how to own and operate their very own business it being a Lemonade stand in this case. However, The principles that the kids learn can carry over into any business. You can find more information about your state’s Lemonade Day here.

2. Make and Sell their Crafts- Kids can be pretty crafty, and a lot of people are more than willing to buy their crafts. Find a craft that your kiddos really enjoy making and something they are good at making. Help them set up a business Plan and start selling. They can go to local businesses and ask if they can sell their crafts in their stories, they can take orders from family, friends and neighbors, Set up a booth at a craft show or farmer’s market, or they sell their crafts online on sites like Etsy.

3.Pet sitting- If your child is an experience Pet lover and you as the parent is willing to supervise. Pet sitting is a great way for them to put their knowledge and love
of animals to use and look after animals when while their owners are away and get paid for it.

4. Household Chores- chores are a great starting point for younger kids. From Washing dishes to folding clothes kids can be a big help out another the house.

5.Online Survey- Panelpolls is one of the few legitimate survey sites for families. My Kids and I have been members of their site for a few years now. The kids just love it when they received a survey for them. All the surveys are Fun and interesting. You have the opportunity to get a sneak into new TV shows, games, toys, apps and so much more. You are paid for every survey you complete. You sign for Panelpolls here.

6. Gardening Work- Weeding and watering plants.

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