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Summer Screen time Rules Free Printable


Freebie! Summer Screen Time Rules Free Printable

This school year is finally coming to an end. I think I’m more excited than the kids are at this point. This mama needs a break, so I’m definitely looking forward to a more relaxing schedule.

Today I wanted to share our New Summer Screen Time Rules Free Printable. Now In our household, we’re not an entirely screen free family. The kids are allowed to watch tv on the weekends and doing breaks. So, my goal here isn’t to convince you to cut everything.

However, I do think its extremely important not to let our children become too comfortable doing nothing but watching TV, playing video games and browsing the internet for hours. For me its all about balance, kids need and want scripture even doing the summertime.


This is when having No Screen time until rules, comes in handy, it helps motivate kids to get out and do something else besides getting lost to hours of screen-Time all summer long. Click here, and I’ll  send Summer Screen Time Rules Free Printable

No Screen Time until….

Summer Screen Time Rules 

  • Brush Your Teeth
  • Gotten Dress
  • Clean Your Room
  • Had Breakfast
  • Finished Daily Chores
  • Read for 30 Minutes
  • Write or Draw for 20 minutes
  • Completed Daily Math Problem
  • Play outside for 30 minutes

Once they have done all these things, they are allowed to have some screen time.


As I mention early, Even doing this summer months, the kids still need some form of structure. You can Download this Summer Screen time Rules Free Printable PDF Here



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