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Super Last-Minute Costumes DIY


As I mentioned in an earlier post my kids finally decided what they wanted to dress up as this year. My oldest daughter KayKay decided that she wanted to be Cinderella. Which I was totally digging, Cinderella’s is by far one of my favorite princesses. However, I didn’t want to go out and spend 20-30 bucks on a store-bought costume that I’m sure that a lot of other little princesses were going to be wearing also. So I took a look in the kids closet to see what we already had and luckily over the summer we found this really pretty blue dress from children’s place, during their summer clearance sale that I got for three bucks. It was the perfect color for a Cinderella dress. So we use that dress, added along tutu and this is the look that we came up with.


















(lol, she wanted her another shoe off like Cinderella)












If you waited till the last-minute for you Kiddos costumes this year. It’s not too late to redeem yourself.  Go and take a look inside your kids closet, I’m sure there’s something there that you can quickly remake into something awesome and your kids will love it. Below you will find other Super last-minute costumes DIY ideas. It’s been nice hanging out with you. I hope everyone has a safe and fun time out tonight collecting goodies.


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