The Little Mermaid Chip Bag Template DIY Party Favor Bag

Little Mermaid Printable Free Chip Bags

Make a splash with these Little Mermaid printable free chip bags! Today I wanted to share this beautiful Ariel little mermaid design that will help you create an unforgettable birthday party for your little one.

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Planning a party that’s a splash under the sea? Elevate your celebration with these charming Little Mermaid-themed treat bag party favors! Perfect for birthdays, gatherings, or any occasion infused with whimsy and magic. With our free printable labels and a few simple steps, creating these delightful favors will be a breeze.

Supplies you’ll need:

Let’s get started with assembling these enchanting party favors:

1. Position and Fold Lay the printable label face down. Fold the left and right flaps until the back wording and images face up. This fold will create a crease that forms the back of your chip bag.

2. Apply Adhesive Secure the right side of the label to the left side using double-sided tape or hot glue, overlapping the white section to hold it firmly in place.

3. Seal the Bottom Ensure the sides are securely in place, then seal the bottom of the bag closed. This step ensures that your treats stay safely inside.

4. Fill Your Bag Let the fun begin! Fill your treat bags with 1 oz chip bags or a variety of small goodies and Little Mermaid-themed toys. Embrace your creativity as you curate a delightful surprise for your guests.

5. Close the Top Once your treat bag is filled, seal the top to keep the excitement hidden until the big reveal. Use double-sided tape or hot glue to secure everything in place.

6. Optional Texture For added texture and a realistic chip bag appearance, consider using a paper crimper to crimp the top and bottom of the bag.

With these simple steps, your Little Mermaid treat bag party favors are ready to dazzle your guests and add an extra layer of magic to your event. Dive into the creativity and watch as your guests’ faces light up with joy when they discover these delightful favors!

Share Your Creations: 

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Ready to get started?

DOWNLOAD The Little Mermaid Chip Bag Template Here

Let the party planning and creative fun begin!

With these delightful treat bag party favors and your imagination at play, your Little Mermaid-themed event is sure to make waves and create lasting memories. Dive in, have fun, and let the magic of undersea adventures unfold at your celebration!


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