This is such an easy money-saving DIY.
Make a Sandbox from Kiddie Pool. This was actually my mom’s idea. She’s been wanting to get her grandkids a sandbox for quite some time now. However, store-bought sandboxes can be pretty pricey. So she discovered an inexpensive alternative.

Kiddie Pool +Play Sand= Sandbox

Here’s what you’ll need
*Kiddie Pool ( Dollar general 3 ft. Round Pool $8.00 )
* PlaySand (Walmart $3.29 .5 CUFT )
* Sand Toys (Dollar Tree $1.00 each)

*dump the sand into the pool
*add sand toys
*Let the kiddos go WILD!


We only need two bags of sand for the size pool we used, if you have a larger pool you may need a few more bags. But, two bags were just enough for a 3ft round pool.

To keep the sand dry and clean from bugs, leaves, and animals. We used a bigger Kiddie pool that we already had to cover the sandbox.

Don’t have a second pool to use as a cover check out how to make a Waterproof Sandbox Cover on afbtoday.